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Real bread crafted by hand,
with lots of love

Matkat Sourdough is proud to use only local, organic ingredients to create an experience with bread that you won’t forget.

If you have ever had the opportunity to eat REAL bread, you know that there is nothing like it.

At Matkat Sourdough, each loaf of bread is mixed and formed by hand, and allowed to ferment for 24 to 36 hours. This results in authentic sourdough with a nice chewy crust and light, airy crumb — it’s the ancient way to make bread.

know Where Your Bread Is Made

Support Local

Supporting local business means you know exactly where and when your goods are made. When you buy bread from Matkat Sourdough, you will be eating your bread hours after it was baked…so fresh, you can taste it!

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Only 3 Ingredients


If you have ever read the ingredients in “commercial” bread, you were likely shocked at the amount of things in the bread that you could not even pronounce. In our bread, you will find only 3 main ingredients – flour, water, and salt.

We use a very high quality, freshly milled, organic flour in all of our breads. You will never find conditioners, bleach or preservatives. Keeping it simple, the way our ancestors baked bread.

All of our ingredients are sourced local and organic where possible so we can help support small businesses and provide the most quality bread available.